First Cape Meares Lake Regatta a Success


The first Cape Meares Regatta was a big success and was attended by 43 residents, “part-timers” and guests.

The event was held at the residence of Merilee Sommers who hosted the event.  Deborah Neal, social chairman of CMCA, was in charge of the water activities and supervised the leisure boating that took place in the afternoon and helped organize the actual regatta that was scheduled following the potluck dinner.

Merilee prepared a Smilebox presentation of photos and accompanying music for all to view, if interested.  Click on the link below if you have an interest in seeing candid pictures from the event.

Smilebox Presentation

Additional pictures were also shared and preserved.  Go to the photo tab of the CMCA website to view these pictures.

And the event also was a surprise celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary for two of our local Cape Meares residents.  Charles J. Ansorge and his wife, Marcille, moved to the community in May of 2012.  A specially decorated cake plus additional dessert options were provided to everyone who attended.

Another couple who attended the event are soon to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on August 10.  Congratulations to Neil and Ardis Schroeder.

The plan was to have a parade of boats process along the south shore of Cape Meares Lake in front of those attending the event, but windy conditions limited the number of boats in the procession. Kudos to the brave few who formed the parade in front of those who attended the event.

Contributions were received at the regatta for our volunteer firefighters.  The amount received was $218.  This amount will be sent to the Tillamook County volunteer firefighters at the request of our local volunteers. Our county volunteer firefighters will be conducting their yearly fund drive next spring.  We will all have an opportunity to say thank you again for the volunteer services they provide on our behalf at that time.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the regatta event.