Volunteers Needed for Siding Community Center


Randy Klobas is leading the shingling crew for the Cape Meares Community Center and needs volunteer assistance from a limited number of local residents over roughly the next three to four weeks.

Randy would like to run a workshop on Monday, July 7, beginning at 10 AM, to explain what’s involved in the shingling process. He would like to have volunteers willing to make more than a one-day or two-day commitment attend the workshop in order to get a sense of what’s involved.

The shingling process would be most efficient if smaller teams of volunteers (let’s say several two-person teams) would make a commitment to work together.  Ideally making a commitment for a week, or maybe two, would move this project along nicely.

If you would like to be a volunteer and learn a bit about the fine art of shingling please do one or both of the following.  Best of all would be attending the workshop that Randy will be leading on Monday.  If you have a conflict on Monday for the workshop but want to be a part of a team later next week or the following week please contact Randy at his e-mail address:  spikeklobas@gmail.com.

We are well along the refurbishing process for our very special community center.  I hope you will consider joining the crew and assisting Randy. We’ll plan a special event for the community when the siding is finished.