Meeting With Liane Welch to Discuss Road Issues


Liane Welch will meet with Cape Meares residents at the schoolhouse on Saturday, January 10, 9 AM,  to address your concerns about:

  • The repair and reopening of the Cape Meares Loop Road.
  • Repair of roads within the Cape Meares community.
  • Proposed speed limit changes on BayOcean Road and in Cape Meares.
  • Safety of the boat ramp, Loop Rd., BO Rd. intersection.
  • Gravel trucks on BayOcean Rd. “Will They Be Back?”
  • A refresher on the emergency access/egress plans currently in place in the event of a landslide on BayOcean Rd.
  • Anything you may want to bring to Liane’s attention.
Please let us know with an RSVP if you can attend. Send e-mail to either or if you WILL be attending.  We will cancel the meeting if we do not have enough attendees to make the meeting worthwhile. Please RSVP by this Wednesday (8 PM) so we can make a decision. A cancellation note will be sent on Thursday if required. No further communication means the meeting is on.

Liane and the Public Works Department have been receptive to our suggestions. Regarding the speed limit issue within Cape Meares, Liane stated; “I do like the idea of adding signs regarding going slow when citizens are on the side of the road.  I think we can get creative and hopefully, this will slow down traffic when needed.”

Posted by Chris Spence.