Map Your Neighborhood


The Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program is a disaster response program developed by state of Washington Emergency Services. In a manageable emergency situation, we call 911 and the appropriate team, be it fire, police, medical or Tillamook PUD responds to the emergency. In a disaster, those first responders will be overwhelmed, communication lines will be down, and we need to be prepared and trained to help ourselves. This program provides a framework to help us prepare. It is difficult not to focus solely on the tsunami threat while living in Cape Meares, but the MYN program will also prepare us for the yearly threat of isolation due to storms, roads closed by slides, and wind damage.

Cape Meares is a rural residential community consisting of approximately 200 homes.  In January of 2023 a digital map of Cape Meares was requested from the Tillamook County Assessment and Taxation Office.  Wendy Schink, GIS Analysis, provided this digital map for the use of residents in the preparation of MYN information.  To access this digital map, click on the link below.  This is a PDF document so it is possible to magnify the map.  Numbers in the properties correspond to official addresses.

Cape Meares Map

Eight neighborhoods have been identified in Cape Meares, each having a neighborhood captain or co-captains who volunteered to coordinate emergency preparedness activities for the neighborhood.  Below are listed all of the neighborhoods.  Click on the links to preview maps of each of the neighborhoods.

East Slope Neighborhood
Donna and Paul Lehto
5555 9th St. NW
Home phone:  503.354.5541
Cell:  503.347.2645
Mid-Cape Neighborhood
Charles Ansorge
5725 Fifth St. NW
Phone:  402.423.8845
North Beach Neighborhood
Kevin and Kathy Burke
5875 4th Street NW, Tillamook OR 97141-8404
Phone: 503.369.2055
South Beach Neighborhood
Patti and Mike Smith
5450 2nd St. NW
Phone: 503.842.7317
Lakeview Neighborhood
Pam Robenolt
4520 Bayocean Rd NW
Phone:  206.906.9910
Seaview Neighborhood
Pete Steen
5355 Third St. NW
Phone:  503.312.42161
Spruce Hollow Neighborhood
David Audet
5550 Fifth St. NW
East Lake Neighborhood
Scott and Mary Gordon
4225 Bayocean Road NW

News about Cape Meares, Oregon and the CMCA community association.