Short Term Rentals

Non-emergency STR Complaint hotline:  503-850-0402

The Cape Meares Community Action Plan identifies Short -Term Rentals (STR) as a priority focus area. Pam Robenolt is leading this project to monitor enforcement of STR rules, communicate with STR owners and managers and advocate for enforcement and accountability to support responsible use of rental properties. This project includes preparing a flyer with information about what is allowed on the beach and why and who to contact if violations, and about emergency preparedness, etc. which can be posted in STRs and on our website.

Tillamook County Lodging-Short Term Rental (STR) Resources website

CMCA Board request to Tillamook County for enforcement related to STRs in Cape Meares

Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance

STR SubArea Maps

Short Term Rentals – Cape Meares

Summary of 2018 Survey of Cape Meares STR