Community Planning & Projects

New Cape Meares Entry Sign!
The Board of CMCA recently approved this sign for our entry to Cape Meares agreeing to the recommendation of the Signage Team created after the community planning sessions.  The Tillamook Coast Visitors Association paid for the design and will pay for the fabrication and installation of the sign.  Thanks TCVA!  The installation will probably happen in late summer or early fall along with an informational kiosk at the Bayocean entrance to the beach and an interpretive sign in front of the community center.  Thanks again to Meka Zieger who created our wonderful new logo!

Photo and Artwork Contest to Illustrate our Good Neighbor Guide and Kiosk!

Our Cape Meares Good Neighbor Guide is almost completed. The Guide will be made a available to Short Term Rental owners and to the community.  It is divided into two sections:  In our Neighborhood and On the Beach.  The Guide describes key beach-related regulations and why we have each rule as well as the relevant contact information.  We will be providing graphics for the Guide and for one of the three kiosk panels that will cover similar topics.  The interpretive kiosk will be located at the Bayocean entrance to the beach and will also include information about indigenous peoples of the area and protection of the dunes.

We want to illustrate both the guide and the kiosk with artwork and photos from Cape Meares community members.  Please send photos or artwork for either the guide or kiosk and we will choose the ones that work best.  Please send by February 1 to Stacy at

ANNOUCEMENT: The Cape Meares Loop Road Project Newsletter – Loop/Lighthouse Road is OPEN (November 2023). Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be scheduled for Spring of 2024

3-Way Stop Installation -The intersection of Cape Meares Loop and Bayocean has been converted to a three way stop. There are Stop and Stop ahead signs and when time permits, stop bars will be installed. New large directional signs have been installed.

Community Planning 2023

Over forty people participated in one or more of our four Community Planning Workshops held this summer. We want to thank the Tillamook Coast Visitors Association for facilitating the planning workshops. We have a great basis for making some significant improvements to our community. It’s now up to us to implement the plan.

Note: Emergency Preparedness was not included in this planning process as robust emergency preparedness planning is on-going under the leadership of Kathy Burke.

Cape Meares Community Plan

CMCA Vision-Purpose-Mission 2023

Action Plan Tracking

Here are some highlights of projects which have launched:

Wheelchair Access at Pacific Entrance to Beach

Wendy Kunkel is leading this project to assure that the bench is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. We are pleased to report that the county has placed gravel to make access possible. A more permanent solution is possible.

On December 18, 2023, the CMCA Board approved the submission of comments to the state legislature in reference to the recent issues with Liability Immunity for Recreational Access. CMCA Letter to State on Recreation Immunity

Signage Project

Claudia Cameron is leading this project which will be making recommendations regarding signage from the spit access road to the Bayocean beach parking lot with the goals of diverting traffic to the spit and Loop Road and informing and cautioning visitors regarding motorized vehicles access, restrictions on beach fires, fireworks and camping, and access for emergency equipment, etc. We are pleased that the county has already approved a 3-way stop at the intersection of the Loop Road and Bayocean Road.

Update November 2023 Community Planning Implementation: Signage Team

With the leadership of Claudia Cameron he Signage Team met to decide on priorities for signage which provided a starting point for the Wayfinding Workshop facilitated by Nan Devlin from the Tillamook Visitors Association.  The results of the Wayfinding Workshop were:

  • Add sign before the Dike Road entrance that directs people to the “Historic Bayocean County Park” indicating there are restrooms, beach access and parking available there.
  • At the Bayocean entrance to the beach fixing the confusion of signs, orienting them to be more visible and creating a three panel kiosk with panels for safety, descriptions of the dunes, birds, tidepools, etc. and the history of Cape Meares starting with the history of indigenous peoples.
  • Gateway sign to Cape Meares indicating it is a residential community with no services and limited parking.
  • Sign in front of the community center with the history of the center.
    The Tillamook Visitor’s Association will design the signs with the Signage Team and pay for the production and installation.  We expect signage to be in place by summer.Thanks so much to Claudia for launching this team and thanks to Steve Quinn for moving the project forward.

Name Change

Tillamook Roads Department asked the County Commissioners to change Loop Rd. to Lighthouse Road. The CMCA Board voted to support this change and notified the Commissioners of the support.

Cape Meares Lake-Wetlands Management Project

John Harland is leading this project with a goal of assuring a well-functioning Cape Meares Lake with a flourishing eco-system from the wetlands to the lake by working with interested stakeholders in a collaborative process. You will find Lake and Wetland information and resources on our Lake-Wetlands Management Project page.

Visitor Impact at Bayocean Beach Entrance

Spike Klobas and Karen Cosper are leading this project. Parking: next summer research parking impact after Loop Rd opens, refer to Signage Team for signage emphasizing why restrictions are necessary, and explore alternatives to current emergency access with the county. Trash: confirm Tu/Fri pickup and wildlife safe containers. Sanitation: maintain Porta Potties seasonally.

Short Term Rentals

Pam Robenolt is leading this project to monitor enforcement of STR rules, communicate with STR owners and managers and advocate for enforcement and accountability to support responsible use of rental properties. This project includes preparing a flyer with information about what is allowed on the beach and why and who to contact if violations, and about emergency preparedness, etc. which can be posted in the rental homes and website. For updates and information visit our Short-Term Rentals page.

Summaries of the workshops are here: CM Planning Workshop Summaries

CMCA Vision-Purpose-Mission
Cape Meares Lake – Ciel Downing