Good Neighbor Guide

Photo and Artwork Contest to Illustrate our Good Neighbor Guide and Kiosk!

Our Cape Meares Good Neighbor Guide is almost completed. The Guide will be made a available to Short Term Rental owners and to the community.  It is divided into two sections:  In our Neighborhood and On the Beach.  The Guide describes key beach-related regulations and why we have each rule as well as the relevant contact information.  We will be providing graphics for the Guide and for one of the three kiosk panels that will cover similar topics.  The interpretive kiosk will be located at the Bayocean entrance to the beach and will also include information about indigenous peoples of the area and protection of the dunes.

We want to illustrate both the guide and the kiosk with artwork and photos from Cape Meares community members.  Please send photos or artwork for either the guide or kiosk and we will choose the ones that work best.  Please send by February 1 to Stacy at

Dark Skies – Outdoor Lighting Presentation
Oregon Parks Special Use Permit
Cape Meares Beach Access Statutory Vegetation Line
Cape Meares Statutory Vegetation Line