Standing by the Schoolhouse Harold Bennett May 2022 and with Russell Parker 1940s

Barbara Bennett Community Center

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CMCA honors and protects the historic resources and the social fabric of the community in many ways, most of which are embodied in the Barbara Bennett Community Center. Formally known as the Bayocean Schoolhouse, the building was moved, in 1949, from the eroding Bayocean spit to its current location 5690 4th Street NW in Cape Meares. 

Would you like to help the Cape Meares Community Association and the environment?

Cape Meares Community Association receives bottles and cans refunds through . Sean Kohles signed us up to get refunds from bottles and cans through the Bottle Drop Program. Pick up a blue bag and sticker at the Community Center, fill the bag and drop it off yourself at Fred Meyer or leave it on the porch and Sean will pick it up. Thanks to Chris Spence, we now have a nifty box located next to the front door where you can pick up blue bags and stickers at your convenience.

Community Center Use and Private Rental

 A rental fee will be collected for activities not strictly for community attendance (i.e., private parties and events). The goal of this fee is to assist in covering operating expenses and building maintenance. The daily rate is $100.00 and half-day fee is $50.00. All CMCA community sponsored functions (for residents and property owners) are at no charge unless otherwise approved at a General Meeting. Donations are encouraged.

(Photos: Standing by the Schoolhouse Harold Bennett, May 2022, and with Russell Parker 1940s)

Historical Timeline – Bayocean Schoolhouse/ Barbara Bennett Community Center
  • 1949 the Bayocean schoolhouseHicks house, and  Pagoda house(s) were moved off of Bayocean spit to the mainland. Originally the schoolhouse was in the meadow on 4th street on the spit. A summary tax report shows this as lot #1200 owned by Tillamook County School District #9. GPS coordinates at the center of the school lot #1200 are 45.505148 N, 123.958730 W. The school may not have been at the center of the lot, but since the tax lot is only 100′ x100′ (.23 acres) it couldn’t have been far from it. 
  • 1953, December 23, the property at 5690 4th St NW in Cape Meares is leased from Tillamook County for the Bayocean Schoolhouse.
  • 2001 – 2003 South wing/kitchen addition to the Schoolhouse was completed with $60,000 of funds raised by the community and volunteer neighbor-labor.
  • 2014 Shake-shingle siding was installed.
  • 2020, February 29, The Bayocean Schoolhouse was re-named the Barbara Bennett Community Center in tribute to the late Barbara Jo Ann Bennett (Feb. 16, 1932–April 7, 2019). 

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