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Progress Report for Siding of Community Center


Pictured above is the work crew for day three of the residing project for the Cape Meares Community Center.  Randy Klobas who is heading this phase of the work had Olli Ollikainen and Pete Steen helping him attach shingles to the new addition and Scott Gordon invited along several of his colleagues from Dealers Supply Company to assist with the the siding effort.  As a side note, Dealers Supply Company is where siding supplies and the shingles were obtained.  Scott helped us obtain the high quality shingles at a special reduced price.  Thank you,  Scott.

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Thank You from CMCA Board


July 4 Recap

Reports from many residents and guests who visited Cape Meares on July 4 have indicated the day was a big success.  On several occasions there were counts taken of the number gathered for the event  The number rose from 150 to 180 before we stopped counting even though guests continued to arrive.  Based upon the food purchased for the event we believe the number of participants may have reached 200.  A record number on a beautiful day.

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An Epic July 4 to My “Partners in Crime”


Deborah Neal is the Social Chair of the Cape Meares Community Association.  She was one of the key persons involved in planning the highly successful July 4, 2014 Celebration.  This is a big responsibility and a lot of work.  We are all grateful for what she did.

And Deborah was also grateful for the way the other members of the CMCA  Board members pitched in and helped with the preparations.  This special holiday event does not happen all by itself.  Deborah sent a poem to the Board members that is too good not to share with everyone in the community.  Below is the poem she wrote.

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Water Conservation Measures for Cape Meares


Because our community water reservoir is compromised by a landslide our district engineer has recommended filling the tank to only 1/3 capacity.  There are plans to bring our new reservoir on line after the July 4th weekend.

Common sense limits:  Please refrain from washing cars, use a watering can rather than leaving a hose running while attending plants, one load of laundry per day, and short showers.

Thank You.

Bob Garrigues, Chair
Oceanside Water District

Feedback Regarding Loop Road Closure


On June 24, Tillamook County Public Works Director, Liane Welch, presented several proposed solutions regarding the closed Cape Meares Loop Road at the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The Board of Commissioners is requesting feedback from both individuals and from the Cape Meares Community Association regarding the various proposals that were shared.  The feedback should be provided beyond our three county commissioners. Resources are needed for the project at the federal level so senators and representatives should be contacted to let them know of our needs.

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Bylaws Update


The CMCA Revised Bylaws Are Not Yet Carved in Stone………..

A reminder — we have found it necessary to revise the CMCA bylaws so that they coordinate with our application for 501(c)(3) status, while making sure the bylaws do not alter the traditional functions of our organization.  You can read a copy of the important changes made to this point, and there’s still time to comment and offer further suggestions.

New bylaw revisions are posted on  the Community Center exterior wall;  pens and paper are also available so you can leave comments.

Attached to this message (scroll to bottom) is a digital copy that contains changes that have been made thus far.  You may read this document online or download, print, mark up, and then send to one of the names of the sub-committee working on this project.  Sub-committee members appear below.

The adoption process of the bylaws from this point on includes sending a ballot via e-mail on June 21 for residents to register approval or disapproval of the bylaws. This act of voting is also your statement of interest in being a CMCA member. Your act of voting makes you a member regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of the proposed bylaw changes.  There are additional qualifications for membership that are outlined in the bylaws.  For those who don’t like reading small print, here’s a summary:

  • Previously you were automatically a CMCA member. Now we have to ask for your permission and identify you on a membership list that needs to be created for our organization.
  • Dues are $0.  Donations to the community organization are encouraged at your discretion.
  • You must live in Cape Meares or own at least 25% of a property in the community, or spend four consecutive months per year in Cape Meares in order to be a member and vote.

For the revised bylaws to be accepted, we need to receive more ballots for approval than against.

Your ballot must be submitted electronically by 12:00 Noon on June 28.

If you have questions re the proposed bylaw changes, contact any of the members of the sub-committee that are working on it in preparation of our 501(c)(3) non-profit submission later this summer.

Charles Ansorge,
Chris Spence,
Deborah Thomas Neal,