Thank You from CMCA Board


July 4 Recap

Reports from many residents and guests who visited Cape Meares on July 4 have indicated the day was a big success.  On several occasions there were counts taken of the number gathered for the event  The number rose from 150 to 180 before we stopped counting even though guests continued to arrive.  Based upon the food purchased for the event we believe the number of participants may have reached 200.  A record number on a beautiful day.

Fortunately there was sufficient food for the event thanks to one of the members who rushed home to raid her freezer.  There was plenty of food that was brought to the potluck to share, but we underestimated the number of hotdogs and hamburgers needed.  We expected attendance to be in the vicinity of 100.

Your CMCA Board was very pleased that the contributions for the event reached $360 which we believe is about enough to pay for all of the expenses associated with hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls, drinks, condiments, etc. that were supplied to those in attendance.

If you made a contribution to help defray expenses, brought food to share at the potluck, helped with the set-up or the clean-up, we thank you.  Events  sponsored by CMCA cannot be successful without help from others.

Lots of people commented about the wide selection of great tasting food.  Kudos to the men and women who brought wonderful salads, casseroles, desserts, and whatever else.  There were requests for the sharing of recipes for the most popular of items that were brought.  This may be something we want to provide on our website in the future.  Let Deborah Neal, our Social Chair, know if this is something that interests you.

Many of the vacation rentals were filled over the weekend and there was lots of activity down on the beach on Friday evening.  Residents and guests were treated to many aerial fireworks that evening. It was a fun weekend. A dozen pictures of the parade held in the morning are now posted on our CMCA website in a gallery.  Double-click on an image if you wish to see an enlarged version.

Water Resources Update

The probability is high that the valve to the new water tank for Cape Meares will be opened this week.  When that happens residents will be informed. The Oceanside Water District commissioners appreciated your efforts to conserve water over the weekend.  The big influx of visitors was of concern due to the reduced capacity of the old tank because of landslide movement nearby.

Re-siding of Community Center

Work continues today for the final portion of the re-siding of our community center.  By the end of the month or early August the work should be completed

Cape Meares Loop Road Meetings

Two meetings of importance to residents who wish to be informed regarding matters related to the Loop Road have been scheduled.  First, the Director of Public Works for Tillamook, Liane Welch, will be presenting information regarding possible solutions to the road closure at a meeting at the Netarts Fire House on July 12 at 10 AM.  She will also be attending an August 2 meeting at 10 AM in Oceanside.  These are opportunities for you to ask questions and offer feedback regarding the proposed solutions that were first presented to our Tillamook County Commissioners about 10 days ago.

CMCA Board Officers and Members

Newly elected officers for the CMCA Board are shown below.  They will serve from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

  • President, Charles J. Ansorge (
  • Treasurer, Anita Johanson (
  • Secretary, Chris Spence (
Listed below are the remaining members of the Board.
  • Merilee Sommers (
  • John Harland (
  • Mike and Patti Smith, building managers (
  • Deborah Neal, social chair (
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