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Safe Drinking Water


E. Vallianatos worked at the EPA for 25 years and has written a book entitled Poison Spring in which he details the methods used by that agency in setting safety standards under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  He will be speaking at the Bay City Arts Center, on October 14, 7 PM.

Saturday Potluck


Yes,  it’s raining, and rumor has it some of us are leaving town for warmer climates.  However, you stalwart stay-at-homes now have a shot at filling up your plates at Saturday’s  Potluck (10/27/14).  Special Hosts this weekend  are B.J. and Chris, and they have taken the Equinox seriously.  You have an equal opportunity to bring whatever dish most pleases you, and we all will be equally pleased to eat it.

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Labor Day Potluck News


1:00 PM Sunday August 31st
At The Newly Shingled Community Center

There will be a brief awards ceremony
for outstanding contributions
to the community
followed by

Barbecue/Bountiful Dishes/Bubbly Beverages

And Entertainment Featuring
Betty and Steve Moss

(for whom we will pass the proverbial hat)


Potter, Carole Friedman w/ Pots 4 Sale

Bring a dish to share, some coin to spare
and kick back with another great party.
A special dessert will be provided
so lean toward sides or pasta if in doubt.

CMCA Quarterly Meeting Agenda



Cape Meares Community Association
Cape Meares Community Center
5960 4th St. NW
  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Announcements
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes (May 10, 2014–Draft minutes found
  4. Financial Report (Anita Johanson)
  5. Building Report
  6. Social Chair Report (Deborah Neal)
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Date of Next Cape Meares Community Association Meeting
  10. Adjournment
Please plan to attend the quarterly
CMCA meeting on August 9!

Oceanside Neighborhood Association Meeting Invite

Attached is the agenda for the Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday, August 2, 2014, in the Oceanside Chapel, 1575 Chinook Avenue.  All residents of Cape Meares are invited to attend this meeting.

Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labhart and Public Works Director Liane Welch will make a presentation on the Cape Meares Loop Road alternatives to relocate it. This is an important discussion. We’d like to have a quorum so that the ONA can add its voice to the Federal Highway Administration and our congressman to promote this vital project. Please attend.

The community of Cape Meares is being invited to this meeting because its livelihood is also affected by Cape Meares Loop Road.

Also we’ll discuss possibilities for getting a cell tower placed in Oceanside so that emergency calls to 911, for example, can be made more easily.

Click on this link for a copy of the meeting agenda.

4K for Cancer Potluck


At the May CMCA meeting Keith Johanson indicated several local Tillamook churches would be supporting the efforts of 24 college students to raise money for cancer research and asked whether the Cape Meares community residents would like to join in the fund-raising event by providing a potluck lunch for the riders plus another 10 support staff when they arrive in Cape Meares at approximately 10 AM on August 6.   The response from those who were attending the meeting was most positive.

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First Annual Lake Meares Regatta


      Saturday, July 26, 2014

Join us for the Summer CMCA Picnic at Merilee Sommers’ house: Enter at 6860 Bayocean Rd

Tentative Schedule

3:00 PM–Leisure boating practice—wear water or sailing gear
4:00 PM–Lawn games, including croquet, Bocce Ball, volleyball and frisbee
5:00 PM–Potluck: Bring your cooler and BYOB too.  One BBQ is available if you want to cook meat to share.
6:00 PM–Regatta on Cape Meares Lake—bring your boat, paddle board, canoe or kayak & life jacket…or a chair to watch
7:00 PM–S’Mores, sponsored by CMCA

Later, watch the sun set over the lake.

All donations for the day will help fund our Volunteer Firefighters.  Come say thank you for their dedication to us.

Questions: Call Merilee at 503-842-8600 or