Update on Proposed Bayocean Spit Development


Reminder, the Planning Commission will again review the proposed Eco-resort on Bayocean Spit at its January 8th meeting.  We hope as many of you as possible will attend and also speak, (7:00 pm, 2nd floor of the Courthouse, 201 Laurel Ave, Tillamook)Written testimony may be submitted at any time before the Jan 8th meeting, but if sent before Dec 30th will be included in the package sent to commissioners in preparation for the meeting.  Written testimony should be emailed to Sarah Absher sabsher@co.tillamook.or.us

Testimony should address one or more of the 6 criteria (listed below) on which the Planning Commission must make their decision. One way to do this is to describe, based on their own experience, the ways the eco-resort “will alter the character of the surrounding area in a manner that substantially impairs, limits or prevents” your use – this addresses criteria 4.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss or would like suggestions for testimony (John.Harland3@gmail.com)

The developer now has a land use attorney helping him.  Recent emails between the developer and the county (Email Chain) indicate the developer may be looking at alternative ways to develop the land (the email file is large and will require time to download).  In the emails he mentioned bee keeping or Christmas tree farming.  However, in preparing written and oral testimony we should address his current proposal.   It may be necessary to have some flexibility in what we say atthe meeting, depending on what he presents.  If he makes a major change to his original proposal, this would require him to re-apply and the review process start again

The criteria upon which the Planning commission must make their decision are:

Any CONDITIONAL USE authorized according to this Article shall be subject to the following criteria, where applicable:

  1. The use is listed as a CONDITIONAL USE in the underlying zone, or in an applicable overlying zone.
  2. The use is consistent with the applicable goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan.
  3. The parcel is suitable for the proposed use considering its size, shape, location, topography, existence of improvements and natural features.
  4. The proposed use will not alter the character of the surrounding area in a manner which substantially limits, impairs or prevents the use of surrounding properties for the permitted uses listed in the underlying zone.
  5. The proposed use will not have detrimental effect on existing solar energy systems, wind energy conversion systems or wind mills.
  6. The proposed use is timely, considering the adequacy of public facilities and services existing or planned for the area affected by the use.
Posted by John Harland.